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Thread: Duo looking for PST timezone active guild/group

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    Default Duo looking for PST timezone active guild/group

    My husband and I are a couple of parents looking for a friendly and active group of people who do a majority of their events/dungeons/raids during the PST timezone. Mostly, we're after a casual atmosphere that is progressing from T2 towards Drowned Halls and beyond.

    We are not interested in a raid-heavy group with a point system or with required log ins.

    Though we had the luck of joining a fantastic guild on our own server, we're finding their scheduled EST events just too difficult for us to make with the majority of them are happening during our dinner hour. We would love to stay on the Estrael server, but are considering transferring to see what other PST options might be out there.

    If your guild or group might be a fit for us, please let me know.

    Myuriel (50 Cleric - Just/Inq/Shaman) & Aihan (50 Warrior - Rift/Champ/Beast & Pal/VK/Warlord)

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    Please check your PMs

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    Myuriel and hubby,

    You guys seem like a great fit for our guild <Dusk>. We reside on Wolfsbane. We range from EST to PST but seems more things happen around 8 or 9 pm EST.

    We are lvl 12 and are just progressing towards DH right now. We still run lots of T1/T2 and are the need before greed types as opposed to points system. I'd say we have about 10-12 active players so we are trying to build up a roster where we can raid 1-2 a week. Most of us are 30+ in age with family, work, that take priority so the heavy raiding isn't something I picture on the horizon.

    If you are interested in learning more here is a link to our recruitment thread and website. If you have any additional questions please contact me via whisper or create a toon on Wolfsbane and look up Talhk, Darthlea, Hibiscus or Menciuss.

    <Dusk> Recruitment thread

    Good luck in search and hope to hear from you!

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