GM: Killlroy
Server: Briarcliff

<VonKilla> is a tight-knit community of friends who have been gaming together for 10+ years from Ultima Online to Lineage 2 and now to Rift. We are a mature group of adults gamers and enjoy a casual yet productive outlook to the game.

We are currently seeking active level 50s to clear 10 mans and push our way into and through 20 mans. Activity is crucial, as is an understanding of your class and role. We welcome all classes and roles and we'd like to have individuals who are at least mostly T2 geared or actively in T2s. Gear is not a huge issue, we will catch you up if you're willing to put the time in. Mainly looking for DPS, in particular Mage, cleric, and warrior, but are also in need of healers and even tanks if that's your thing.

Currently no website is available, although that can change as the need arises.

Any questions or concerns feel free to message any of the following names:

Ardent, Killlroy, Lethlplayr, or ask a guild member if any additional officers are available.

Thank you!

- Ardent