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Thread: <Saviours> Recruiting Experienced End-Game Raiders (Updated)

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    Default <Saviours> Recruiting Experienced End-Game Raiders (Updated)

    Dear friends,

    <Saviours>, an Oceanic guild, is currently recruiting end-game raiders with excellent raiding experience, adequate gear and Rift game know-hows.

    We have:

    1. T1 Raids on farm, already onto Hammerknell
    2. Fully functional web site to cater to the needs of all guild members
    3. Fully functional EQDKP system for full auditing.

    Please visit our web-site at http://saviours.guildportal.com to see the quality of work we put in to making Rift a fun game!

    Opening Raid days: Wed & Thurs (Hammerknell and RoS/GSB)

    Clean-Up Raid days: Sun & Mon (subject to attendance)

    Raiding time: 5am Server (aka 8pm Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Perth; 9pm Japan, Korea)

    Come talk to us if you are looking for a transfer to a very solid guild, or just looking to get a more suitable raid time for yourself.

    Look for Dianah, Easternwolf or any in-game guildies for more information.
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    Specifically looking for rouges and peeps who can attend regularly and on time.

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    Default Additional Write-Up for Recruitment Requirements

    Saviours is Oceanic GMT+8 Defiants on Laethys

    Saviours is a guild that have roots since the beggining of MMORPG. We are a brilliant group of individuals with excellent personalities that have a common goal of accomplishing missions and tasks in Rift, specifically on the Laethys shard.

    Our current focus is Hammerknell, having completed all Tier 1 Raids (RoS/GSB/GP/DH) and we welcome any good folks that meets the following requirements:

    - Your personality must be excellent and you team-play as a guild member. Individualistic exclamation in the order of "I am too leet for my guild" and other thoughts along this line is not tolerated.

    - We perform everything as a guild (and raid team.) We kill bosses, we bid loot with DKP, we wipe, we laugh, we run back, we re-do, we self pot, we self buff maximum (including stones). WE DO NOT QQ. WE DO NOT COMPLAIN. Laffing appreciated more than qq, please!

    - We have four raid nights a week, Wed -> Thurs -> Sun -> Tues from 5AM - 8AM server time. Anything beyond 3 hours (8AM) will require consensus of raid members. We want to start ON-TIME.

    - You need to be able to attend 3 out of 4 raids a week (aka 75% attendance) in order to keep a seat in the main raid group. Attendance matters is strictly policed.

    - On days of overbooking, each and any guild member may be ask to sit. Players who sit includes officers ++. Sitting guild members earn full DKP for kills. Our EQDKP system is able to track who has been sitting. So, be assured that fairness is provided.

    - We welcome main characters first. Alts is likely considered but will only if you can assure you hit the attendance target. If you are an alt waiting to be geared and then fancifully go elsewhere, we shall not be humble to you in return during the process.

    - Having said all of the above, applicants must be of heightened maturity to know how to balance gaming (raiding) and Real Life commitments. Over here, it is Real Life above all things. You do that, and you do games, and you complete your in-game objectives as a cohesive organization.

    - Vent is not for chatting during intense raids. It is used for calling out important things to look out for. No overly abusive cussing allowed in Vent.

    We now have openings for warriors, rogues, mages and clerics.

    During this limited recruitment period, we will offer Hammerknell slots to applicants who meet all the above requirements.

    Note 1: For mature audiences only.
    Note 2: Please do not apply if you are a player that goes by the book of "I am for myself only."

    Interested parties can apply to Dianah or Easternwolf, or look for any officers and members in-game for more details.

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