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Thread: Silkweb <VIP> Is Recruiting!! 4/11 HK

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    Default Silkweb <VIP> Is Recruiting!! 4/11 HK

    VIP is a hardcore guild on Silkweb , we are Level 13, We have been together for about 16 weeks and in that short amount of time we have accomplished 6/11 HK 9/9 with Conqueror: GSB/ROS, 4/4 GP,4/4 DH . We recently recruited a few rank 8 PVPers who are gonna get a PVP side of the guild started. We are also working on Sicaron @ this time. VIP is a fast progressing guild that has big plans for the future and we welcome all players with skill and potential no matter your gear situation ( as long as you are willing to improve it). our raid times are mon-thurs 6pm server to 10pm server, some nights on progression we may push a little later to down a boss.
    For more information contact Kapp (GM), Insanopewz (Officer), Enrick (Raid leader) in game, and remember at "VIP" u are a Very Important Person.
    Our guild Website is http://vip-guild.com feel free to visit and/or apply.

    We are looking for a warrior Dps ,Cleric support,healz,Rogue Sabo dancer, Mage dps
    Looking for serious people that want to raid ...
    Here is our vent info ...look for Kappa
    Boron.typefrag.com 63117 arbys
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