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Thread: Fablight's <Pandorum> enters raiding! Come join us!

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    Default Fablight's <Pandorum> enters raiding! Come join us!

    Pandorum has officially entered raiding! Last night we drowned three of the four bosses in Drowned Halls, and for many of our raiders it was their first time in the instanced raid. We have a fantastic team of players ready to start jumping into raiding, and we are looking for a few more good souls to fill out our 20-man team. Get in on the ground floor of an exciting new guild focusing on semi-casual raiding at the highest tiers.

    Visit http://pandorum.us/ for more information, or to submit an application

    p.s. we are so badass that we drowned beings from the plane of water!

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    Default Its me Zodiark! Im back from RL

    For some reason either i suck at browsing or im on acid cuz i cant fins you guys! <3 plz get back to me in still on Faeblight or any other shards... -Zodiark

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