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Thread: Tank LF late night raids.

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    Default Tank LF late night raids.

    Fairly new level 50, Tanking Warrior, looking for a guild that raids after 8pm PST or somewhere near that on Wednesdays and Thursdays. During those times I can commit 100% to raiding without interruption. Other days are a possibility as well depending on which day and what time. I am currently pushing T2 dungeons at this time and hope to be raid ready soon. Willing to transfer if needed. I can be contacted here or on Deepwood server under the same name.

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    Default Check us out

    Infitialis LATE raids: filling 2nd 10 man currently 11pm pst 2nd 10 man might be 9ish PST but if we fill up on a second 11 Servertime quicker who knows (late one is will be 7pm ish NZ time)

    4/4 GP (under 2 hr run) 1/5 GP (only attempted first boss so far as it was after DH run)

    NOTE: if you are interested in a 9pm servertime start list it in your app and also you will have to be able to make the 20 mans at 11 on some nights just so you know.

    Website: http://infitialis.guildportal.com/

    Ok so 3 weeks in and we are already looking to expand into 2 teams to start 20 mans. Infitialis has been working diligently at beating DH and currently are working on the final boss (first three farm status). We are currently looking for most classes but really need a couple more 800+ish Deeps. Some of our members are t2ed out and just waiting for us to beat the content to get them to the good stuff. Currently we are looking for raiders for a 9pm raid slot (days still to be determined) and a 11-11:30pm raid slot currently running on tuesdays and thursdays.

    A lot of us are moms, dads, students and other people who just can't make the normal 5pm raid times of most guilds. Its hard to find that late night raid and we are looking to fill that need for people like ourselves.

    If you are looking for that late night fix 10pm or later we have what your looking for!

    A little bit about Faeblight its a solid community with a good mix of RPers and PVE ers... There is definitely a good chunk of world pvp and also the queues are solid 24/7. Do not let a PVE/RP server turn you off as you will commonly find flagged people looking for action. If anything the RP aspect can make it more exciting ganking people while roleplaying (though we don't have very may roleplayers in the guild).

    Raiding Needs:
    Rogues: OPEN
    Cleric: FULL
    Mage: OPEN

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