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Thread: [HK Raiders] Looking for new Guild

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    Default [HK Raiders] Looking for new Guild

    The below posts are of some of our raiders that are looking for a new home.
    We are currently searching for a new guild that is HK progressing and looking for the below roles that we can provide.

    We all have extensive knowledge in all raid content up to and including some of the HK instance, as well as full raid gear, experienced roles and a desire to do our best in new and harder content.

    If you think the posts below of our raiders would suit your guild and we would match well with your progression, please let us know and we'd love to talk more.

    Reply on this thread, or contact any of us by PM or on our Shard; Byriel.

    Detailed information for each player below:


    Character Name:

    Character Class:

    What is your prefered raid role/spec:
    -Hybrid (heals/dps)
    Am also used to speccing for DPS, Healing, Hybrid and Tank for HK.

    Please link your soul tree (use ZAM Soul Tree Builder):
    -Inquisicar (Hybrid) : http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=10....ExoVgx0qz.E0x

    Describe your reasoning behind your soul selection:

    -The Inquisicar:

    This soul combination and point allocation I chose is to ideally be able to support heavily on group/raid heals, whilst efficiently keeping a steady output of dps. This specific version of Inquisicar I have linked is one I'm currently using to output more healing for such designed intensive fights (i.e. Sicaron), as opposed to other Inquisicar builds that do not go as high in Sentinel for AoE healing increases, but will create a higher dps as a result.

    What does your current gear look like:

    335 Focus/Hit (no focus/hit enchants used/needed)
    1800 Spell Power
    Full T1 Raid/Vendor Geared
    Some HK Gear (inc. 2h)
    Relic Offhand
    R6 and up PvP Gear

    200 Toughness
    319 Focus/Hit
    Full T1 Raid/Vendor Geared
    14.5k Hp Self Buffed

    Tell us about any secondary specs/roles:

    -Senticar (Support) : http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=10...szc.vuMooeozoR
    Used primarily as a support raid slot, provides 2 incombat rezzes, superior group heals to other classes, and a strong mana control during prolonged encounters. Lacks somewhat on the dps end, but can still pull average numbers.

    -Shaman (DPS) : http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=10nrd.EedttrsAk.L.Vxz
    This is my full dps role I am currently testing. It is a dynamic build with some support raid buffs, as well as a charge, ranged interrupt and purge. This spec can pull around 1200dps self buffed single target, and around 2700dps AoE (3 mobs).

    -Wardinel (Heal) : http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=00...otRRz.E0xxbsdc
    This is my main healing build that I have found to be strong and versatile when a Purifier is not needed for encounters. It has great AoE healing potential (2000hps comfortably) as well as strong single target tank heals for sustained combat.

    -Justicar (Tank) : http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=10...qesdqR.ccd.V0z
    Through testing a large array of tanking specs, I created this one, with the intent to self buff myself to the strongest point, whilst making sure all necessary points weren't over looked. It has currently, around 14.5k hp Self buffed, as well as HK ready toughness and hit/focus, to which it was comfortably able to withstand the Zilas encounter for the Main Tank role.

    Lord Greenscale

    Computer and connection info (optional):
    Self made computer as of around 6 months ago.
    i7 Processor
    8Gb RAM
    64-bit Operating System
    2Tb HDD
    Duo 34" Monitors

    Contact Info:
    Defendor89 on Enjin
    Defendor (on Byriel)
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    Character Class: Warrior DPS

    My Main Raid Build

    Secondary builds

    Dual wield for any ranged purposes

    Beast Master Build

    Gear and Stats
    Im in a full set of Dhels DPS gear.

    I do have Vent, TS, and Mumble. I have no problem downloading any other VoIP services that may be used.

    Contact Info
    Aim: Faistbook
    Byriel Server: Alagon
    Alsbeth Server: Albrook
    Email: Fzach114@gmail.com
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    Edited for double post
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    Default Probably uncalled for....

    You specced 3 points into Embolden for a large radius for ae heals. DoL has no range so unless I'm missing something you're wasting 3 points.

    Also why not just put the 5 points currently in Light Efficiency into Benediction so the 5% healing bonus effects Healing Breath and not just DoL.

    You should fillout Life and Death Concord for the BoJ proc and also Symbol of Corruption to give 30% DOT damage from BoJ.

    Say your BoJ does 1,400 damage adding a 30% dot gives you an extra 420 damage. Essentially 42 extra DPS assuming you get BoJ proc every 10 seconds.

    /End rant

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    Thanks for your reply, that link to the soul builder is actually an old one I used to use and was from a previous application.

    The new link is my current setup after some previous consideration and removal of Empowering Light and Protect the Flock.
    Thus, the old link to the old build was entirely supported around the idea of these being included, as my previous guild required it.

    I'd like to think the current one I use is in line with what you were suggesting, and if you have any more thoughts on it, please feel free to share, constructive ones only of course. No harm in a civil discussion,


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    Check us out for more info:

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    That seems like a much more reasonable spec, however if it were me I would move the 1 point in Fanaticism over to Protect the Flock.

    I don't think 1 crit every 45 seconds makes a huge difference in DPS and protect the flock will have almost 100% even with only 1 point in because every time you cast a damaging spell you're proccing protect the flock through reparation heals.

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    Eternal (Guardian) on Galena is recruiting for Hammerknell progression!

    We are a drama free guild and have a friendly & enjoyable environment. Our focus is to enjoy the game and each other while progressing through content. Our raid atmosphere focuses on a balance of fun & serious...we're here for enjoyment & content/progression.

    We are currently 5/5 GSB, 4/4 GP, 5/5 ROS, 4/4 DH, 2/10 HK

    Recruitment is currently open to exceptional players of any class, specifically -1 cleric, 1 warrior ; apply @ http://eternalgalena.enjin.com/raidrecruitment

    Our raid times are:
    Hammerknell Wed & Thurs 6-9 server
    River of Souls Tues 6-9 server
    Greenscale's Blight Sun 6-9 server
    Drowned Halls & Gilded Prophecy weekly
    Daily Raid Rifts at 5:30 server

    Check us out @ http://eternalgalena.enjin.com/
    Feel free to contact Emaleth, Callingsky, Soy, Rofl or Mystifus our guildsite or in game with any questions.

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    < Virus >
    Application: http://Virus-RIFT.enjin.com/recruitment
    Website: http://Virus-RIFT.enjin.com
    Raid Schedule: Wed, Thur, Sun @ 7-11pm EST
    Server: Deepstrike (PvP) (High Pop)
    Faction: Guardian
    Progression: 5/5 GSB, 4/4 ROS, 4/4 GP, 4/4 DH, 0/11 HK
    DH - Hydriss - downed 8/24/2011
    GP - Uruluuk - downed 8/30/2011
    GSB - Lord Greenscale - downed 9/4/2011
    ROS - Alsbeth the Discordant - downed 9/22/2011
    HK - Murdantix - downed TBD
    Ideal applicants will possess the following:
    - Gear Level: T2+ (minimum), combination of T2/T3/HK (preferred)
    - PVE mindset: You play this game to kill bosses and progress through new content.
    - Mentality: A strong desire to succeed, positive, thick skinned, friendly.
    - Maturity: 18+ and mature.
    - Basics: Key bindings, macros, and mouse turning (not a clicker).
    - Ventrilo: Ability to install/use latest version of Ventrilo w/mic. (http://www.ventrilo.com)
    - Prepared: Before raid time, On-Time, Know the fights, Soul Fully Healed, proper consumables.
    - Respectful of your Guild and our community at all times, making every effort to maintain a positive reputation.
    - Exceptional player, knowledgeable about your class and theorycrafting, willing to consider advice, proper Raid specs, rotations, etc, and always looking to improve.
    - Ability to follow directions, learn quickly, possess quick reaction time, good situational/spatial awareness and mobility.
    - Ability to watch a 5+ minute boss fight video and read the written strategy.
    - Ability to pay attention to encounter mechanics and stay focused the whole fight while continuing to perform at a top level of play.
    - Stable computer and Internet connection, with spell detail at medium and still perform well.
    - Recruits will spend 2+ weeks as a recruit and will be Loot Locked until their evaluation period is complete.
    - Transfers are welcome.
    < Virus > is an established end-game progressive Raiding Guild, on the Deepstrike (PvP, High Pop) server, in the US EST timezone (east coast). We are a close-knit guild of adult gamers and veteran MMO players from a plethora of some of the most popular MMOs over the past 10 years. We strive to maintain a positive raiding and guild environment for all to enjoy and participate in.
    We are primarily a PvE guild, and do not recruit for PvP or any other purposes. If you enjoy PVP, consider that an added bonus as many of us do as well. PvP however is not a requirement to join the guild.

    We expect all of our members to do whatever it takes to maximize their performance in raids (playing "flavor of the month" specs, using full consumables on a frequent basis, etc.).
    Most of us have been playing MMOs for years, and do not have the time or desire to baby sit an entire guild. We expect you to know what you're doing and not need constant guidance. We do not want ******bags, emo drama queens, hypersensitive people, or loot ******.

    We try to make the most efficient use of our raid time as possible and use a focused and efficient approach to raiding. You are expected to be on-time, fully soul-healed, and stocked up on consumables for every raid.
    We try to raid with a slightly casual schedule, but this does not mean we will tolerate the common casual mentality of caring less, not trying as hard, or inconsistent activity.

    We are the kind of guild that will bench or remove players for poor performance, and replace weaker players if more talented players apply/join. You are expected to continually prove your worth to maintain your raid spot. In this sense, Recruitment is always open.
    To clear all Raid content, to be competitive, to have fun, and to experience everything the game has to offer to the best of our ability. We accomplish this efficiently by maintaining a tight roster.
    Each member of < Virus > serves as a substantial asset to our progression and our overall success. High attendance and a high level of performance is expected from every member. We are not for the soft spoken or easily offended. New applicants should be confident and proficient in ALL aspects of their class and be willing to do proper research as necessary.
    Virus currently only raids 3 nights a week. Wed/Thur/Sun from 7-11pm EST.
    If you can not raid these 3 nights, please stop here.

    We are primarily and selectively recruiting exceptional raiders who are "raid-ready" for GSB/ROS and Hammerknell. We are not only looking for Raiders, but people who enjoy socializing on Ventrilo and playing on off nights as well. We are not looking for people who only log on for raids then disappear until the next raid night, and who do not talk on Ventrilo or participate in Guild chat.

    If this sounds like the kind of guild you are interested in, then hopefully by now you also have an idea of what we expect from potential members.

    For information on the application process please visit our site http://Virus-RIFT.enjin.com/recruitment
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    RIP <VIRUS> - May 2011 to April 2013 - Original Founder and Guild Leader. You're welcome for being carried for so long lol ;)

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