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Thread: DPS Warrior - T1 Raid Geared Looking for Guild

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    Default DPS Warrior - T1 Raid Geared Looking for Guild

    Looking for a new guild to raid with. I am geared with T1 raid items, just missing trinket, its a t2 one. I am on the east coast so looking for a guild that actively raids GSB/RoS or in the beginning stages of HK, somewhere between 7-12 EST. I am a competent player and know the fights. I was the raid officer in my last guild, but due to alot of our core members losing interest in the game we have stopped raiding we were 4/5 GSB, 1/4 RoS. 4/4 GP and 4/4 DH. i am usually in the top 2 or 3 dps in my guild. Also have tank gear, a few of the pieces are T1 raid gear and t2 pieces. If you think i might be a fit for your guild send me a message please and ill answer any questions you have. thanks.

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    Check out our thread right threre. We are looking for some warrior deeps. And I think our raid times fit your schedule. THanks for your time.
    Retired from raiding

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    <Play Nice> on Estrael

    Check us out. 5/11 (7% estrode wipe)

    Need DEEPS

    We do not RP, but are respectful of the community. Our official raid times are 7 PM Server - 10 PM Server on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

    More information on requirements and our guild in general can be found our website in the recruitment forum.


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    Unsung Heroes on Faeblight is looking for Warrior DPS and we raid Friday and Saturday 8:30pm EST and go for about 4 hours. We have about 18 people and working to finish filling out our roster. We're active and determined to progress ahead. We've got tons of experience in our group people and who've gone deep in GSB and ROS. We also have many new raiders who are eager to try GSB and ROS. Plus we've also cleared DH and GP. We're looking for mature, versatile players that are interested in being part of a team. If interested, send me a pm or contact Kyo or Kylana in game.
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    Tempest Wolves
    established 2001

    Tempest Wolves is a PVP and PVE Raiding guild that strives for excellence on the battlefield.

    We are currently recruiting Raiders and PvP players alike. Gamers that can adhere to the posted schedule, show up on time, and have fun.

    Raiding Applicants:
    - Raiding applicants we ask that you be available during raid times and have at least 300 hit/focus.
    - We request that all raiders to be flexiable with builds and be willing to listen and execute.
    - Currently recruiting all Classes.
    - Vent is required

    Raiding Schedule (using server time):
    Sunday 5-9
    Tuesday 5-9
    Thursday 5-9

    Progression Status:
    GP - cleared
    DH - cleared
    GSB - cleared
    RoS - cleared
    HK - 1/10

    Loot System - DKP - blind bidding - see website for details

    PvP applicants:
    - PvP applicants please be at least Rank 6.
    - Must be flexiable with builds for premade organization.
    - Vent is required (with mic)

    Join the Pack!

    In game officier contacts:

    Indo or Indoe
    Arhenis (pvp)
    Warking or Deva
    Wyrmtail (was Warking) - 50/1000+ Rogue
    <Vendetta> - Defiant - Briarcliff
    [DH - Cleared | GP - Cleared | RotP - Cleared | PF - Cleared | GSB - Cleared | RoS - Cleared | HK - Cleared | ID - Cleared | PVP - 50]

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