Nephilim, a 16th level guild on the Alsbeth shard is looking for a few more raid ready members.

We are a semi-hard core guild that has fun but does take our raiding seriously. Our calendar if filled with three nights of raiding 20-man content and off nights are 10-mans, crafting lures and PvP. We use a sign up calendar on our website to help folks with more difficult schedules get invited to raids.

The guilds culture is mature. We have businessmen, stay at home mom's and more than one student trying to juggle college and rift. You can expect to hear the occasional curse or dirty joke being repeated in mumble or read in guild chat. All that being said, we do understand real life needs coming first.

Does that mean we slack off in raiding? no. We've cleared GSB. We've cleared RoS. We've cleared both Drowning Halls and Gilded Prophecy. We continually try to fine tune our raiders and officer core to get the best out of the people we have. We really do believe in that policy of Hardcore Guildie > Hardcore Raider.

Unfortunately, this game does have a slow leak of membership in it and to keep our raid numbers up to where they need to be, new blood is always needed and welcomed.

To that order, Nephilim is seeking those who wish to continue their travels into endgame WITH a solid guild instead of just reading about it. The class you are is not so important as the mentality that goes along with it. Being active and eager to play will always trump the best player of any class who only does things half heart-idly.

Our schedule is as follows:

Wednesday 6pm - 9pm 20-Mans
Thursday 6pm - 9pm 20-Mans
Friday 6pm - 9pm DH/GP
Saturday 6pm - 9pm DH/GP
Sunday 6pm - ? Crafting Lures
Monday 6pm - 9pm Clean-Up!
Tuesday Off Night Off Night

We will be introducing a Sat Night Farm night (GSB/RoS) very shortly, so if weekends are the only time you are able to raid, that might be a perfect fit for you.

If we sound like something that might fit YOU, I highly encourage you to click the url in my signature and check out the FAQ tab. It has alot more information about who we are in it. Including our EPGP loot system, policies, etc.

Thanks for taking the time to read and if you have any questions, please feel free to create a character on Alsbeth and look up Desrada.

Take care,