Pandorum on Faeblight is looking for a few good tanks (and DPS)!

We are rounding out our core raiding team and currently have just 2 warrior tanks. We would like to add a rogue and a cleric as well but we are accepting applications from any class.

We also have three DPS slots left, so when you are not tanking there is still room for you in our raids.

Pandorum is a semi-casual raiding guild in that attendance is not required, but all members are expected to take raiding very seriously as it is the main focus of our guild.

Faeblight is also a fantastic server community, with a well-established roleplaying scene and weekly cross-faction player run events open to all levels for a nice change of pace on tuesdays.

For more information or to apply to the guild please visit

Also, for more information on the player-driven community event the Telara Saga held on Tuesdays visit