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Thread: Looking For Raiding Guild

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    Wink Looking For Raiding Guild

    Hello Everyone, I'm a tier 1 Dps Geared Rogue looking
    for a raiding guild that raids fri-sun, or even if I
    could just go sat-sun. I havent been in a serious
    raiding guild before, but have been to and seen all
    the bosses in GP, and DH. I have seen the first 2
    bosses in GSB. I'm a quick learner, and a non drama
    person. I dont wanna have to fill out a crap app. It's
    a waste of my time, I would rather be on trial and you
    can decide from there if I can be a part of your guild.
    Thanks hope I can find a home soon!

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    Default Hello!

    =) Hi! If you're looking for a casual and family like raiding guild then you can give United by Legend a try. We are currently recruiting to rebuild our raiding force. We raid Wed, Thurs @ 4:30pst and Sunday at Noon. We often run T2's so can be of assistance in getting you more Raiding ready.

    If you have any rogue type questions you can always ask Zip or Amalaura who are 2 of our best rogues in guild!!

    For an invite send a tell to Ashlyn, Brownie, Panda, Ashlin (all are me) or Dutchoven, Zip.
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