**Next on the chopping block: Inquisitor Garau**

**We're always on the lookout for exceptional applicants. If you are indeed exceptional, a spot will be made for you.**

<Citadel> of Briarcliff consists of previous hardcore players as well as those new to MMOs, that came together to create an efficient, low-key raiding atmosphere with a schedule that didn't break our backs in RL.

As a guild, we pride ourselves on our down to earth attitude and effective raiding schedule. We're a guild full of mature players, some of us full time college students, military vets, or just the average joe working their jobs when not online. That being said, we can get a bit crazy and rowdy at times, but we understand the game is meant to be fun.

While raiding, we buckle up and put our noses to the grindstone to accomplish our goals, as that is the guild's #1 goal: To clear all available content in a timely, efficient manner.

Current Openings:

Tanks: Limited

DPS: Looking for a few exceptional Mage DPS to add to our core

Support: Looking for an outstanding mage who can play Archon and Chloro, and be able to DPS if required

Healers: Limited

Our Schedule:
Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs, 5:30-9:30pm PST (8:30pm-12:30am EST)

If you feel like you're the kind of raider who can be their own leader, remain respectful and take constructive criticism, and maintain a level of performance capable of Top 20 without wanting to sacrifice your life, we'd love to see your application.

Our website: Citadel