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Thread: HK Ready Warrior Looking for Progression guild

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    Default HK Ready Warrior Looking for Progression guild

    Bruhtal of Alsbeth is seeking a HK raiding guild.
    I have great gear, BM spec for 5% damage buff pull 1400 single target and lets not talk AoE dps.
    Slyvan Greatblade and many other great peices.

    I can raid Mon-Thur 6pm(Pacific time) to 9:30pm (pacific time) for most of us this will also be server time. I am an east coaster. I am mature, know all the Raids up to Hammerknell. If interested plz hunt me down on alsbeth or leave a post here will contact you on your shard.

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    Eternal (Guardian) on Galena is recruiting for Hammerknell progression!

    We are a drama free guild and have a friendly & enjoyable environment. Our focus is to enjoy the game and each other while progressing through content. Our raid atmosphere focuses on a balance of fun & serious...we're here for enjoyment & content/progression.

    We are currently 5/5 GSB, 4/4 GP, 5/5 ROS, 4/4 DH, 1/10 HK

    Recruitment is currently open to exceptional players of any class, specifically -1 cleric, 1 warrior ; apply @ http://eternalgalena.enjin.com/raidrecruitment

    Our raid times are:
    Hammerknell Wed & Thurs 6-9 server
    River of Souls Tues 6-9 server
    Greenscale's Blight Sun 6-9 server
    Drowned Halls & Gilded Prophecy weekly
    Daily Raid Rifts at 5:30 server

    Check us out @ http://eternalgalena.enjin.com/
    Feel free to contact Emaleth, Callingsky, Soy, Rofl or Mystifus our guildsite or in game with any questions.

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    Threshold is an adult guild, with most members ranging between the ages of 20 and 40. We understand real-life commitments, and support guild activities for our committed raiders as well as those who must follow a more casual schedule. We have recently transferred from Molinar to Deepstrike looking for more members to raid! We are recruiting DPS warriors at this time for progression purposes.

    HK - 1/10 |pushing zilas/matron weekly|

    RoS- 4/4 Conq
    GsB/ 5/5
    GP- 4/4
    DH 4/4

    Times and days remain the same, but content is flexible. This is what we try and maintain weekly.

    Wednesday| 5pm-8pm pst. Progression (or ros/gsb)
    Thursday | 10man off night

    Friday| no raid
    Saturday| no raid

    Sunday| 5pm-8pm pst. Progression
    Monday| 5pm-8pm pst. Progression
    Tuesday| 5pm-8pm pst. Progression

    We need Raiders who are knowledgeable about their class and able to fufill multiple rolls. If you need more questions contact myself, Drazden, Daveo, Whisterin in game for more details, or visit our website and apply.


    Exphixius, Guild Leader of <Threshold>
    5/5 GSB | 4/4 ROS | 4/4 GP | 4/4 DH

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