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Thread: Three HK players looking for a new raiding home

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    Default Three HK players looking for a new raiding home

    We're 4/11 HK one is a mage the other two are clerics, one is mostly heals the other is dps and tank. Our last guild fell apart already due to ToR and the leader decided not to rebuild. We would like a new raiding home and we like to pvp. Preference on pvp shards and we do use vent. Send me a PM if interested in us.

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    Still looking for a new home We have 4/10 HK experience and loot to prove it.

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    Well - you are welcome to check us out if you wish:

    We are <Primordial Fury> - Defiant - on the Deepwood Server (PVE). We have Murdantix and Soulrender down - working on Matron now (Also Vladmar prime down - but he doesn't really count). We raid on EST - Tues Thurs and Sunday 730PM to 1130PM EST - required attendance is 2/3 raids a week. You can check out our website at www.primordialfury.org. If you have any questions you can PM me or talk to me online - Thanks!

    We have several people in guild that PVP but we do not have any type of guild-sponsored PVP team as our primary focus is PVE content.

    - Keri
    - I do not intend to tip-toe through life only to arrive safely at death...

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    Sent you a PM.

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    <Harmless> on Sunrest is looking for HK ready: 2 mages and 2 clerics for our starting team. We are 5/11 in HK. We are a PvE based guild but have a lot of PvPers including 8-10 rank 8ers and a few others at rank 7. We raid tues-wed-thurs 6-9/10 server time which is pacific time aka 9-12/1 EST in HK and Monday for GSB/RoS at 6 server. We often raid on off nights when we have enough on, but that's not required.

    Anyway, if you like you can make a level 1 on Sunrest and we can talk. My toon name is Ursa, you can also speak to Female my co-leader, or one of our officers, Ishtara, Nnnxia, Jayblood, Otamarai, Simber.

    -Hermes aka Ursa

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    Default VIP is for you !!

    VIP is a hardcore guild on Silkweb , we are Level 13, We have been together for about 14 weeks and in that short amount of time we have accomplished 4/11 HK 9/9 with Conqueror: GSB/ROS, 4/4 GP,4/4 DH . We recently recruited a few rank 8 PVPers who are gonna get a PVP side of the guild started. We are also working on Sicaron @ this time. VIP is a fast progressing guild that has big plans for the future and we welcome all players with skill and potential no matter your gear situation ( as long as you are willing to improve it). our raid times are mon-thurs 6pm server to 10pm server, some nights on progression we may push a little later to down a boss.
    For more information contact Kapp (GM), Insanopewz (Officer), Enrick (Raid leader) in game, and remember at "VIP" u are a Very Important Person.
    Our guild Website is http://vip-guild.com feel free to visit and/or apply.

    We are looking for a warrior Dps ,Cleric support,healz,Rogue Sabo dancer, Mage dps
    Looking for serious people that want to raid ...
    Here is our vent info ...look for Kappa
    Boron.typefrag.com 63117 arbys

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    Tempest Wolves
    established 2001

    Tempest Wolves is a PVP and PVE Raiding guild that strives for excellence on the battlefield.

    We are currently recruiting Raiders and PvP players alike. Gamers that can adhere to the posted schedule, show up on time, and have fun.

    Raiding Applicants:
    - Have 90%+ attendance.
    - Have at least 300 hit/focus.
    - We request that all raiders to be flexiable with builds.
    - Currently recruiting all Classes.
    - Vent is required

    Raiding Schedule (using server time - PST):
    Sunday 5-9
    Tuesday 5-9
    Thursday 5-9

    Progression Status:
    GP - cleared
    DH - cleared
    GSB - cleared
    RoS - cleared
    HK - 1/11

    Loot System - DKP - blind bidding - see website for details

    PvP applicants:
    - Be at least Rank 6.
    - Must be flexiable with builds for premade organization.
    - Vent is required (with mic)

    Join the Pack!

    In game officier contacts:

    Indo or Indoe
    Arhenis (pvp)
    Warking or Deva
    Wyrmtail (was Warking) - 50/1000+ Rogue
    <Vendetta> - Defiant - Briarcliff
    [DH - Cleared | GP - Cleared | RotP - Cleared | PF - Cleared | GSB - Cleared | RoS - Cleared | HK - Cleared | ID - Cleared | PVP - 50]

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