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Thread: Looking for a raiding guild

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    Default Looking for a raiding guild

    I am an experienced rogue who has done his fair share of raiding. However i have yet to complete Ros. I am geared for hk however videos and write ups only give you a taste of whats involved. Fights need to be seen to be fully understood. I am currently running the bard spec for the ros plutonus fight, however i normally use sabo. I can pull the numbers everyone else does so im not really worried. Im not tied to a role and am more than happy to listen to advice and change on the fly if need be. During raids my role is what the raid needs not necessarily what i would choose. Progression matters to me and in order to do that you need a solid team. You wont get far if you remain static in a fluid environment. I supply my own raiding supplys, i concider it the cost of new gear. However i have no problem stocking up the guild bank with supplies. I am not an elitest but i do shoot for the best. I will be more than happy to switch shards and give it a go. If it doesnt work out i just have to wait 7 days. I currently reside on wolfsbane. they do have some good guilds, im just not interested in them. If you are intersted could you please email me at
    djmeyer27@msn.com. I will create a character on your shard and we can text back and forth. If it goes well i would like to chat with you in vent, mumble, or what ever you are using before transfering my main. When im boared i pvp, just hit r8. Not braging id rather be raiding.

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    <Virus> is a Serious-Casual, NA East, PVE Raiding Guild on the Briarcliff (PVP) Shard.

    - We are selectively recruiting exceptional Raiders who are mature, friendly, active, and skilled, who enjoy socializing on Ventrilo and making new friends.
    - If you enjoy PVP, lots of us do too.
    - We raid 3 nights a week using a focused and efficient approach to raiding and clearing content.
    - We are a close-knit guild of adult gamers and veteran MMO players.
    - We maintain a positive raiding and guild environment so all of us can enjoy everything RIFT has to offer.

    Serious Raids/PVP/Play, Casual schedule.

    Current Progression
    5/5 Greenscale's Blight (GSB)
    4/4 River of Souls (ROS)
    4/4 Gilded Prophecy (GP)
    4/4 Drowned Halls (DH)
    0/11 Hammerknell (HK)

    Raid Schedule
    Sunday/Wednesday/Thursday @ 7-11:00pm EST

    Requirements -- Ideal applicants will possess the following:
    - Gear Level: T2+ (minimum), T2/T3+ (preferred)
    - PVE mindset: You play this game to kill bosses and progress through new content.
    - Availability: Able to raid Sun/Wed/Thurs @ 7pm - 11pm EST.
    - A strong desire to succeed.
    - Mature and 18+ years of age.
    - Key bindings, macros, and mouse turning (not a clicker).
    - Perm Raid Slots are dependent on performance in Raids.
    - Install/use the latest version of Ventrilo with a working mic. (http://www.ventrilo.com)
    - Fully prepared before Raid time - 100% Soul Healed with proper consumables.
    - Respectful of your Guild and our community at all times, making every effort to maintain a positive reputation.
    - Exceptional player, knowledgeable about your class and theory crafting, willing to consider advice, proper Raid specs, rotations, etc, and always looking to improve.
    - Ability to follow directions, learn quickly, possess quick reaction time, good situational/spatial awareness and mobility.
    - Ability to watch a 5 minute boss fight video and read the written strategy.
    - Ability to stay focused for the duration of the raid.
    - Ability to pay attention to encounter mechanics while continuing to perform at a top level of play.
    - Ability to attend a Raid with 20 other players with spell detail at medium and still perform well.
    - Stable computer and Internet connection.
    - Recruits will spend 1+ weeks as a recruit depending on activity and skill.
    - Shard Transfers are Welcome!

    Website: http://Virus-RIFT.enjin.com

    Application: http://Virus-RIFT.enjin.com/recruitment

    We are looking forward to reviewing your application.
    Thank you for your interest in VIRUS!
    RIP <VIRUS> - May 2011 to April 2013 - Original Founder and Guild Leader. You're welcome for being carried for so long lol ;)

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    Please check out my recruitment post. We are looking for a few good solid raiders like you!!


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    We have moved to Deepstrike, high pop PVP server.
    RIP <VIRUS> - May 2011 to April 2013 - Original Founder and Guild Leader. You're welcome for being carried for so long lol ;)

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