I'm currently on Seastone (PVP) and well I hate the community. I just get aggravated even logging in and that shouldn't happen in a game. I want to have fun not listen to the 300 Goons trolling everyone.

Anyhow, was looking more towards a PvE realm as I haven't played on a PvE realm since Vanilla WoW. I used to think the idea of PvP made leveling more interesting, and farming stuff more fun, but really I just want to have my PvE and music... then have my pvp in WF's so I can choose when to do it.

Either way I'm really looking for a pve realm that has a good community overall (i.e. nice, helpful, decent guild diversity). As well as a server that has good population and potentially pug groups (say for daily raid rifts or 10 man raids, that sort of thing).

Mostly looking for a fun experience I guess is what I'm saying.

Let me know if you think ur server is the one, really want to jump ship and take my friends with me.