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Thread: The Gaiscioch Family - A Global Social Gaming Community

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    Default The Gaiscioch Family - A Global Social Gaming Community

    The Gaiscioch Family

    Name: Gaiscioch (Pronounced Gosh-Kia)
    Homepage: http://www.Gaiscioch.com/
    Server: Faeblight
    Faction: Both
    Est.: November, 2001
    Members: 2,200 Registered (as of 9/10/2011)
    Characters in Rift: 3,000+ - 350+ Defiant, 2,800+ Guardian (as of 9/10/2011)
    Communication: Ventrilo - 250 Slots (Optional)

    Chapter 1: Dark Age of Camelot, Nimue, Hibernia (2001-2006)
    Chapter 2: Warhammer Online, Phoenix Throne/Badlands, Order (2008-2011)
    Chapter 3: RIFT, Faeblight, Guardian & Defiant (2011-Current)

    The Gaiscioch Family focuses on creating a fun and enjoyable environment for everyone on the server to enjoy. Through frequent public community events, open raid groups, and sharing of knowledge we help all players on our server not just the ones who take refuge in our house. Internally we create a social gaming environment for all players. We welcome players of all skill levels and all playstyles and help pair them up with others that share the same style. We have hard-core players, casual gamers, dungeon junkies, pvp warlords, roleplayers, crafters, and explorers. Each mini-circle teams up to experience the game to its fullest.

    "These Guys Are Pure Class. They Accept You For The Way You Run Your Guild. Nothing Is Expected But Respect For Each Member." - Nostrabombus, Clockwork Orange
    The Gaiscioch Family currently resides on the Faeblight server and is the host of the Telara Saga (www.telarasaga.com) community driven public event. Over the past 10 years the Gaiscioch has been know by their public events. First in Dark Age of Camelot where they lead multiple oRvR sieges and relic raids each week as well as a monthly dragon raid. In Warhammer Online they pioneered the "Battle for Badlands" which gained a lot of attention and lead to fights between over 600 players on one battlefield. In Rift the Gaiscioch created the Telara Saga which now is in it's second season. The Telara Saga is a large scale public community driven adventure chronicling the days of ascension and the events that followed through a series of events that take place every Tuesday night. Lastly the off nights from Telara Saga the Gaiscioch host "Rift Hunts" & "Zone Tours" to help newer players learn the ropes and get to areas they normally can't by themselves.

    Our goal is to create a fun and friendly environment for all players on our server as well as bring additional press and attention to our server. The Gaiscioch have been featured by Mythic Entertainment, Massively.com, GameBreaker.tv, G4TV, TenTonHammer, Rift Junkies, ZAM.com, The Rift Podcast, Troll Radio, and a barrage of blogs & news sites for their involvement in the community.

    The strength of our family comes from our unique website which rewards players for their achievements in Leadership, Fellowship, Exploration, Lore, and Artisan. The 5 paths of a Gaiscioch are historically driven from the legend of the Gaiscioch featured in Lebor Gabála Érenn, the oldest book found on Irish soul which chronicles the first people of Ireland. The original Gaiscioch where hand picked by the Tuatha De Danaan, the Celtic Gods, and featured their best fighters, most honorable leaders, greatest craftsmen, scholors & poets, and scouts. They were an elite force put together for the protection of the people. Their honor, valor, integrity, and fellowship were second to none. It is around these 5 principles that members advance within our family.

    "Respectable, Mature Group of Individuals That Have Fun And Get Things Accomplished." - Regoyth, Roisin Dubh
    By displaying leadership and leading events, members can increase their warlord rank as well as unlock new formations. When a leader begins his training they are restricted to running single party objectives. As they celebrate victories they move to the single raid group, multi-raid group, multi-warforce, and lastly obtain the mark of the griffin which allows them to conduct a 5+ raid group battlefield attacking multiple objectives in multiple areas all at the same time.

    The base of all membership in the family. As a member participates in events they gain fellowship which increases their warrior rank. A new member must first participate before they can begin to lead. This helps them integrate into our families ethics, beliefs, and playstyle to ensure that the right people are leading.

    A player that enjoys to see the world can earn ranks by exploring and documenting their findings. Within the Gaiscioch site is a extensive zone by zone guide which the explorers of the family chart location by location every day. There are over 4,000 coordinates logged of valuable information about locations in Rift. The explorers are those who help the general public find their way around and are rewarded for their efforts.

    The Scholar earns his ranks by writting guides, sharing stories, and sharing information with others. By their written text they accomplish new ranks and gain new abilities within the family. From writing a simple recap of an event to a full out guide Scholars have several channels to express their written creativity.

    The Marketplace is a crafters paradise where players can order items to be crafted, crafters can fill orders or request materials, and all members who help in the process of creating items for other members gain Artisan and Contribution points which contribute to their overall rank within the family as well as provide them with more currency known as Family Vault Credits.

    In the end our family tries to provide a fun and friendly environment for all players, not just our own. Try a different side of gaming with a less stressful approach toward gaming. When all is said in done, It's not the gear and epic loot that you take with you away from a game it's the relationships and memories you make along the way. Join the original Social Network. If you'd like more information about the Gaiscioch Family please visit: http://www.Gaiscioch.com/

    Gaiscioch (Gosh-Kia): "The Largest Gathering of Organized Adults Outside the PTA" - Reclis, The Gaiscioch Family
    See us in Action:
    The Telara Saga:
    Slaying the Titans Part 1:
    Slaying the Titans Part 2:

    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/GaisciochNaAnu

    "When all is said and done, it's not the gear and epic loot that you take away from a game, it's the relationships and memories you forge along the way." - Foghladha

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    Great family atmosphere with something for everyone.
    Raid success doesn't make you uberleet- it probably just means that you have friends that are as crazy as you are.

    Batdreams@Wolfsbane - formerly Olora@Faeblight

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