Negative Ghostride is looking for a few good players to help us excel in HK.

Currently we are 2/10 HK, 5/5 RoS, 5/5 GSB. We take one night to clear GSB and ROS then use the rest of the week to progress.

We are looking for the following:

Mages - High ( atleast 3 )
Clerics - Low ( High for quality players ) and ( 1 - offtank with experience and gear )
Warriors - High (need 2-3 dps warriors ) and (1 - Offtank )
Rogues - High ( atleast 2 ) would also like a gear rouge tank who has a decent dps set.

If your class is listed on this thread please feel free to contact me on deepstrike any time. If your class is listed as HIGH we can and will guarantee you a raid spot long as you show up to raids, and do your job.

Our guild has prided ourselves on being a respected guild on the shard in all aspects. We have a steady group of PVPers. We use loot council for HK gear based off attendance, skill, need. For RoS & GSB we use dkp.

This is our website.

Please fill out the application completely and honestly. For any other questions you can talk to Thuggie or Thugster, Dunsparrow, Iredsi, or Nofx. Thanks for your time, and hope to hear from you.

We also are willing to take package deals of up to 2 people. Lots of couples play this game and we do not want to begin to try to separate these people.

Gear is a plus, however if you feel you are a great player without the gear to progress with us in HK please apply gear isn't an issue when you have skill.