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Thread: <Blackwater> Recruiting! (Guardian)

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    Default <Blackwater> Recruiting! (Guardian)

    We will consider any exceptionally geared person but right now Blackwater is currently recruiting:

    -Warrior DPS
    -Mage Support

    Our 20 man raid times are from 11:30 PM server to 2:20 AM server Wed/Fri/Sat 10 mans are on off nights.

    The guild leadership has experience with content and a clear understanding of the mechanics : 5/5 GSB 4/4 ROS both 10 mans cleared and 3/10 HK.

    The guild has been progressing fast: 5/5 GSB 2/4 ROS 4/4 DH and 4/4 GP (before the nerfs)

    Those that are easily offended need not apply. We have fun, so conversations can become explicit.

    If you are interested contact: Slixy, Ibizza, Shox, Falconi, Tittlywinks

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    Still looking for about 4 more people to round out the roster.
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