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Thread: HK ready package deal LFGuild - Rogue, Mage, and Cleric

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    Default HK ready package deal LFGuild - Rogue, Mage, and Cleric


    We are a strong group of online friends looking for a guild progressing through HK. We consider ourselves hardcore players with a strong motivation to continue progressing. Our previous guild has had way too many issues lately with drama as well as many players that just shouldn't be trying to progress through HK right now (do not care about specs/rotations, can't get out of aoe asap, etc.). What we are looking for is a guild similar to us that cares enough to min/max, read strategies, and try to improve on every boss attempt made. We do not have an elitist attitude, however we do consider ourselves to be strong players that do their research and want a guild that does the same.

    As far as raiding experience in Rift, we have been done GSB/RoS clears for the past 2 months and can do these encounters quite easily. Our last guild was clearing GSB/RoS in about 4 hours. We also lead a 10 man group each week since GP has been released that clears both of 10 mans in about 3 hours. We are 1/10 in HK, with some practice on zilas. All 3 of us have researched the first 5 HK boss fights pretty well though.

    This is a packaged deal for a rogue, cleric, and a mage. We would really like to stay together to wherever we move onto. Also willing to transfer servers.

    Here's some stats about our gear/dps/main roles:

    50 rogue - Main role DPS. Full T1 raid gear + BiS T1 accessories + relic bow/HK weapon. Average dps is about 1800 (1820 on murdantix, 2k on greenscale, 1450 on test dummy). These numbers are with the current broken whetstones. Can also melee bard or tank (208 toughness in tank gear).

    50 cleric - main role Heals (group or main tank). Full T1 raid gear. Best healer I have ever met in this game, very responsive. Also has tank gear (220 toughness) and aoe DPS spec (cabalist, 3k+ dps).

    50 mage - main role DPS or Heals. Full T1 raid gear. Specs: Stormcaller, Chloro/lock (700+ dps with 700+ hps), archon, zoomancer, +free role for whatever needed.

    Feel free to send me a private message or reply on this thread if your HK progressing guild would be interested in seeing if we would be a good fit with you.

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    Check your pm

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    Hi Saos,

    We are currently looking for each of the roles your group provides. You did not mention what kind of raid times/days you were looking for, but we would definitely be interested in speaking with you. I think your group would be a good fit.

    I have posted our guild info below, if you are interested, feel free to contact us (forum pms, lvl 1 toon, etc).

    <Cynical> on Shatterbone (PVE) shard, is a fun and friendly semi-hardcore end-game raiding guild that is currently seeking active Raiders to progress with us through Hammerknell content in core raid positions. We are all about enjoying Rift and the people we play with!

    Recruitment: We ask that if you are applying that you are able to make at least 70% of our HK raids a month, or 8/12 HK raids a month, and that you are able to stay the full duration of the raids. We are currently looking for the following classes/roles, however, we are always willing to consider exceptional applications of ALL classes. If think you are such a player, then by all means drop us a line!:

    • 1 Rogue Tank (Dps/Support OS)
    • ! Warrior Tank (Dps OS)
    • 1 Cleric Tank (Dps/Heals OS)
    • 1 ST Cleric Healer (Dps OS)
    • 1 Rogue (Support OS)
    • 1 Mage (Support OS)

    Preferably mostly T1 raid geared with the minimum hit/focus requirements of 300 (ideally 320).

    Guild info:

    Cynical formed in April 2011 by a group of like-minded players who wanted to progress through raid content, without being too hardcore and having to raid 7 days a week. We are a goal oriented progression minded guild, with a strong leadership team, and helpful members. We are currently level 14, with 2 guild bank slots filled with raid consumables and guild member donations available to all.

    We cleared GSB AND ROS the first week of June, and do full weekly clears of both still. We got the shard first kill on Murdantix in Hammerknell, and are currently progressing through Zilas (30%) and Matron (18%) and seeking to continue our progress there.


    Shatterbone may well be a PVE server, but that doesn't mean we don't lilke our pvp. Our guild members enjoy a wide variety of PVP activities, including Warfront groups, PVP Rifts, and World PvP (yes it happens!). We have several members who recently hit rank 8, and with many more between ranks 3-7


    Cynical currently raids HK three times a week, and GSB/ROS 1-2 days a week. All raid content other then HK is optional. All raid times are server/Pacific time:

    • Monday 6:15 pm to 9:30 pm (HK)
    • Tuesday 6:15 pm to 9:30 pm (HK)
    • Friday 6:15 pm to 9:30 pm (GSB/ROS)
    • Saturday 6:00 pm to as long as we can go (HK progression night)
    • Sunday 6:15 pm to 9:30 pm (GSB/ROS)

    DH/GP are done on off raid nights.

    We use an EPGP loot system for HK/GSB/ROS with 3 tiers (Recruit, Raider, Elder Raider). This enables loot distribution to be fair, gives new recruits a chance at loot, and protects our long time raiders. A full description of our loot system is available here: Cynical's Raid and Loot Guidelines or by visiting http://cynicalrift.guildlaunch.com

    We do not recruit players to fill a bench. As long as you sign up for raids, show up prepared, and maintain good attendance, we will put you to work.

    Feel free to fill out an application on our site, or contact one of our officers via our forums.
    Officer Team: Sinner, Uphir, Minah, Hopsin, Ripcaster,

    You can also make a lvl 1 character on Shatterbone, and ask anyone in guild to speak to an officer. We are usually on all the time.

    We look forward to raiding with you!

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    Hey Zaos,

    I'm not going to write a long-winded email... we're currently 6/10 in HK and have lost a few subs in the last week or two - just Grug left before we go upstairs.

    We raid Mon-Thurs, 5:30PST to 9:30PST.

    We currently play on Dayblind. We're a solid/fun group looking for more exceptional players.

    www.riftblackout.com for applications and more information. Hope to hear from you.

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