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Thread: == PHOENiX == is Recruiting.

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    Default == PHOENiX == is Recruiting.

    Hello Everyone. This is the recruitment thread for Phoenix. We are a legacy guardian guild that is level 15. We are focused primarily on end game raiding content. We are a thriving guild that is blowing through content at the moment. In the last couple weeks we have went from first attempts to clearing 17/17 of T1 raid content. We raid on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday from 6 pm to 9 pm server time. Send an in-game message to myself (jayded) or medeoan if you are interested in joining us. Alternatively you can put an application in on our website at http://phoenix3springs.guildlaunch.com. Looking for core raiders. Right now we are looking for healing clerics, dps mages, and confident warrior tanks. We will be going forward into HK in a matter of week(s). If you want to be part of that crew it's essential that you get in now before spots fill up.
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