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Thread: Faeblight-<Mirage> [PvE]

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    Default Faeblight-<Mirage> [PvE]

    Mirage is a new Defiant-side guild looking for semi-serious individuals interested in PvE Progression. We've a group of 6-8 individuals of like mind and seek more for regularly scheduled raiding.

    We raid Saturday and Sundays as content allows (if there's stuff to raid, that is), with flexible times scheduled in advance with relative routine.

    Join us at justamirage.enjin.com if you're interested in a friendly, low-pressure but high-seriousness progression environment on the Faeblight server!
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    Mirage of Faeblight

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    just a little footnote, we are on an RP realm, but we are not an RP guild.

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