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Thread: Rank 8/T3 rogue LF Raiding guild

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    Default Rank 8/T3 rogue LF Raiding guild

    Rogue looking for guild, I'm fully geared rank 8, Also have a full set of T3 gear plus relics. + HK Gun.

    I really just want to raid hk, and prefer 3 days a week. after 6 pst (late than that is ever better)

    I pull around 2k on merdantix and have pulled 2250 on Plutonis. Would prefer not having to raid ROS or GS anymore and just work on HK progression. Looking for a mature guild and no drama.. I"m there to do my job (DPS) and have fun doing it. I'm good at game mechanics and strats and always strive to do top dps. Guild needs to be 4+ in HK and have an open raiding spot. I don't mind sitting out occasionally, but I'm not going to be a filler.

    PVE server preferred
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    If you don't mind going 4 days a week, Play Nice might be for you. We're on a PVE-RP server but not an RP guild, we're focused on raiding. 3 hours a night starting at 7 server, Tuesday-Thursday & Sunday. We haven't been in RoS or GS for a couple weeks (but we do plan to get critical critter...someday). We're currently 4/10 (5/11?) in HK, with Runeking as the extra beyond the usual suspects.

    I try to keep the guild pretty lean, ideally 6 of every class so we can always fill a raid, but don't suffer too badly if a couple people don't show up.

    And we are looking for a rogue ;)

    Feel free to fill out an app on our forums here. Instructions and format are stickied.
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    Default Want to make a difference?

    We have LATE raids but just started out. If you want to get in on a core group and take it to the max we would be good for ya. Infitialis is on a PVE server but theres plenty of pvp as well. We have 4/4 DH so far haven't started working on GP only been raiding a couple weeks. Hopefully you will consider us! we have raids starting at 930 pst soon and 11pm pst NOW. Daily rift raid thats right we raid every day (non mandatory of course the DRR raids). We have a r8 rogue as well I am sure you two would be best of friends! (teasin)


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    <Hate> of NA-Briarcliff(PVP) is currently 7/11 HK and progressing hard. We raid Mon-Thurs 8pm EST till 12am EST(sometimes a bit later). We start @ 7pm EST on Wednesday.

    Apply @ www.hateguild.net
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