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Thread: <Synapse> @ Briarcliff Recruiting

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    Default <Synapse> @ Briarcliff Recruiting, 4/11 HK

    [Rift: Briarcliff PvP - Guardian]

    LV 15

    GSB - 5/5
    ROS - 4/4
    GP - 4/4
    DH - 4/4
    HK - 4/11 (Murd, Zilas, Matron, Vlad)

    Warrior - LOW

    GMT +8 8PM - 11PM (5AM SERVER)

    SIGN UP HERE >>>>>>>>>>>>>> http://synapse-guild.enjin.com/

    Several experienced MMO gamers have come together to form a long-term home for
    Passionate gamers who are suffering from WoW fatigue festered over long years of raiding.
    Older folks who don't have as much time as before due to work/studies/family but still wish to play their hearts out after work/on the weekend in a progressive and dedicated environment.
    PvP junkies who love both world and instanced PvP but also wish to play competitively together with skilled team-mates, or hardcore no-life gamers who want to play at the top but don't really know where to join.

    Guild Description

    Synapse - SG/Oceanic GMT+8 - was founded by a bunch of like-minded, quality gamers who want to progress in content and be competitive while having fun. Drama is left at the door and while we recognize the need for fun, our gaming culture has and will always be one of dedication and meritocracy. We seek players who have great environmental awareness, do their research to improve in-game performance, and basically not weigh down the rest of the team. We do not equate hardcore as loads of time invested, but as dedication, knowledge and skill. We will be focusing mainly on PvP, with PvE as a side interest. But that is not to say that we are strangers to PvE as most of our core are experienced progression raiders.

    We have a melting pot of excellent players who have been gaming at the top for a good 7-8 years, hailing from various p2p titles including Everquest, World Of Warcraft, Age Of Conan, Warhammer Online, Lord Of The Rings Online, Final Fantasy 11, Aion and other twitch MMOBA/FPS games such as old school Counterstrike, DOTA etc.

    We're looking for like-minded gamers with similar MMO goals/plans from the Oceanic region, Japan, Korea, HK, Taiwan, SG, MY, SEA, AUS, NZ or even NA / EU gamers who play late. Regardless, there is a possibility that we will be going multi-gaming in the future.

    Guild Culture

    1. Progression-oriented, a core that does some serious, competitive PvP, with side-interest in PvE as well, and an extended guest base of friendly, good-natured players who can't really find a whole lot of time but still wish to play and be involved in a vibrant online gaming community. Yes, this means that we do consider casual gamers, but this is really subjective to the guild slots of the particular MMO and slots will always be given to experienced players first. We are looking for quality not quantity.

    2. Light-hearted, passionate gamers who are looking for a long-term GMT+8.

    3. For the core, we're looking for players who can make decisions on the fly and not panic under pressure, do their research.

    4. We enjoy challenges and tough odds. No botting, hacking, exploits.

    5. Deal with any drama/issues professionally and maturely. No emo-raging. We welcome elite and top players without taking the elitist attitude too far. Performance, focus and meritocracy.

    6. Friendly and relaxed chat environment, but serious when it comes to play. Communication is vital, VOIP included.
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    Still looking for more exceptional players!

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    Update Class Needs!

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