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Thread: T1 Raid Geared Warrior Tank LF Raid Guild

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    Default T1 Raid Geared Warrior Tank LF Raid Guild

    Hi People,

    I have a situation here on Greenscale where the population isn't so great and nor is the server's progression. I feel like we're behind and I'm part of semi-raid guild and that doesn't show up for raids and only just found out that they aren't as serious as they said they were about raiding. We are only 3/4 DH and it's frustrating for me because at this rate we'll get to GSB sometime in January with this bunch. So, I'm looking for a guild that does raid and doesn't sit around wishing they could raid.

    About me..

    I'm a Warrior tank (only) no dps spec nor will I ever have one. I play this game to tank and If you're not looking for one don't bother asking. I also DO NOT like wasting time and nor do I want a guild that wastes my time. I am always online and ready for raids well before the raid time. So if you're a guild that sits around past raid start time waiting for the last couple members to sign in to raid, then don't bother recruiting me. I'm only looking for a serious raid group. I play this game in my spare time as a hobby and I do it well. I would expect nothing less from the guild I accept. I know this sounds harsh but I've been in a loop since I began raiding and it's getting ridiculous as I am a skilled tank who's potential I feel is being wasted.

    Some other notes, I have the Apothecary skill maxed with some Legendary recipes and I can provide pots for the raid if necessary. I don't PvP at all, and not sure If I would consider transferring to a PvP server. Maybe for the right guild. Other than that I get along with anyone, I'll do anything that the guild needs so long as I'm not busy.

    Anyway, hope to hear from some peeps who would like to recruit this warrior.


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    Check your PMs! We might be a PvP server, but the Guardians are so harmless here you hardly even notice.

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