<CoLD> is looking to recruit a few more PvP Mages and Clerics into our premade teams. We currently have around 50 high-rank members. We would consider adding Warriors and Rogues if they are exceptionally geared and active. Our Mage and Cleric roster is solid, but we would like to add a few to balance out our mix a bit. As of right now, we have a Prestige Rank 6 requirement for Mage or Cleric applicants.

On any given night (US time), we have 20+ players logged in and running Ventrilo-coordinated premade teams. We also conduct daily open-world pvp raids, and we offer the only organized cross-faction arena style pvp on Dayblind. We regularly coordinate these activities with our Defiant partner guild <Reckless>.

All we do is pvp, and we are the largest "pvp only" guild on Dayblind. We offer a casual atmosphere, a "no commitments" schedule of guild pvp events, and non-stop Favor/Prestige farming for those who enjoy pvp on a full time basis.

Hardcore pvpr's need not apply, <CoLD> is a very casual guild where big egos and the "pro" mentality are simply not welcome. We have won a million warfronts, and we have lost a million too. Regardless of the outcome, we always have a blast. We have a strict "no trash talk" policy.... we extend respect to our opponents even when they may not always deserve it. Break my rules, and you get the boot. Play by my rules, and you get front row seats aboard the infamous "Pain Train".

If all of that sounds good to you, please feel free to get with me in-game. Go register on our guild website, read and accept the Rules of Membership:


Our other recruiters can also answer any questions you may have. Speak with Arrielle, Velev, Hatedx, Queezy, Sanctimony, or Prlme.

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to doing business with you soon!