[About Us]
<Tabula Rasa> is currently looking for mature players (18+ only) who want a long-term, drama-free, elitist-free, and hardcore-casual raid environment. We are “hardcore” because we have accomplished world ranked competitive progression raiding in other mmo's, yet we are also “casual” in that we no longer rush through content specifically for world/server first kills. Our priority is to enjoy the content rather than beat our faces against it simply for the sake of doing it "first". We raid 3 days a week for 3 hours each day and therefore we don't have the "burnout" other progression guilds have. We even provide all raiding consumables for our members, further reducing their "required" farming time in game.

We actually enjoy the company of the people we play with and they aren't just "the people who help us get relics". Personality as well as skill are highly prized traits we look for in potential members. We hold weekly guild meetings where we get member feedback to make continuous improvements to the guild as the game evolves and we progress through it. Each member has an equal hand in shaping and enhancing the guild. Many of our members are long-time friends from other MMO's and our leadership is fully invested in the longevity of the guild and the friendships we make within Rift. If you are sick of joining guilds that go through burned out members so quickly it's not even worth it to remember their names then you should seriously consider looking over what we have to offer. We're all about maintaining an active social environment while hitting the content hard with the time we have.

[Raid Info]
Note: The Laethys shard "server time" is US Pacific Standard Time (PST) and if you are unsure if our times (below) work for you please check this link: Time Zone Converter. Just scroll near the bottom, select US/Pacific, and then enter your time zone to see the time difference.

Main Raid Days: Sunday, Monday & Wednesday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm (US Pacific Time).
Off-days: Guild Raid/Crafting rifts, 10-Man Instances, and PvP (all optional) from 7:00pm server and on. Both of our 10 man groups are run on different days to accommodate the needs of our members.

[Current Progression]
Hammerknell Fortress: 3 of 10 (both pre and post patch/nerf Murdantix kills, Zilas, Vladmal Prime, Matron 20%)
River of Souls: 5 of 5
Greenscale's Blight: 5 of 5
Gilded Prophecy: 4 of 4
Drowned Halls: 4 of 4

[Currently Recruiting]
(1) Mage DPS: We are looking for someone who is ready to step into Hammerknell (sitting at ~290+ focus) and who really enjoys the mage class and all it has to offer. Our mage raiding core is exceptional and they regularly work together to ensure that the needs of the raid are being met whether that be healing, silencing, interrupting, reflecting, and of course melting faces. They are a tight-knit group of highly skilled individuals who I believe have to be some of the best mages this game has seen. If you are interested in being part of their team contact our Mage Lead Cathulu (in game) or follow the links below.

(1) Cleric: We are looking for a solid cleric tank OR healer who is Hammerknell ready (focus requirements are less stringent for tanks but you should be at 200 toughness for tanking and have better than T2 quality gear for healing). You should have and be comfortable with some sort of secondary DPS build (an -icar build is also a plus). If interested contact Amanatin (in game) or follow the links below.

(low priority) Other classes/builds: - If you don't see your class listed don't be dissuaded from applying if you believe you meet our criteria and you really enjoy raiding in this game. We wouldn't want to pass up outstanding individuals simply because we rarely actively recruit.

[More Information]
If you're interested please contact Amanatin or Saffron in-game to arrange an informal interview, Email Us, checkout our Guild Website or follow the link below to apply directly.