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Thread: ~~Devil's Rejects~~ ...love a little bit of twisted?

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    Wink ~~Devil's Rejects~~ ...love a little bit of twisted?

    Have more issues than National Geographic? Then we may have the guild for you!!

    We're ~~Devil's Rejects~~ and we're a Guardian Guild on the Greybriar server. We're a small to medium sized crew atm and looking to add those handful of souls who believe they'd fit in with our crazy bunch of misfits. From the core of people we have so far, most of us are around our mid-thirties to fifties and have been there done [most/all of] that. Some of us are from WoW and/or EQ1/2, and hail from raiding guilds, hardcore, casual, etc. Some of us are souls that are seeking solitude, some love our insanity and join in the craziness - we welcome everyone, as long as you enjoy your game and are happy with us, we're happy.

    While we can be quiet & laid back and you'll often find us doing our own things, we're also starting to group up more and help each other out as we get to know each other. It's funny, we've come together rather quickly but we've got a really amazing vibe going that gets better as the days go by. We have some crafters, some pvp'ers, some rifters and of course your achievement junkies. We help each other out when we can but for the most part, we all kinda do our own thing... at least, that's the nice, happy, mellow side of us. Now, you get us when we're in a mood and we can be rude, crude and downright filthy. [This material is not suitable for children under 18 and so I can't post some of the more "interesting" topics]. BUT... We've had each other laughing for hours! If you shock or get offended easily, this is NOT the guild for you. However, if you don't mind some rather crude language, conversations you NEVER thought you'd be having with a mess of strangers and/or some very "interesting" guildies, then we'd LOVE to have you! Especially if you come with your own brand of crazy - the more the merrier!!

    As for guild direction, all I can say at the moment is this: I started the guild because I hated being alone and I wanted a "family" around that was as twisted as my fiance and I. So, I thought of my favorite twisted little family, the Fireflys, and "Devil's Rejects" was born. My one belief is that nothing should ever be mandatory. This is YOUR game and no matter what the majority wants, it's STILL your game. I would love for us to see Endgame and raid. I certainly don't want a hardcore raiding guild but I will admit I miss getting the family together for a good ole slaughter fest! I'd also love to get together a crew of Rifters on weekends who just decimate Rifts one after the other... Anyway, if we have the numbers that want to raid within the guild when we reach that point, awesome, if not, an alliance is always possible - I'm open to suggestions.

    Oh, btw, almost forgot! I have only two rules:

    1. You must be 18+. I will not be responsible for warping fragile little minds.
    2. You must be RESPECTFUL both within the guild and across Telara. Do not make an *** out of us or yourself in major channels please. If I find out you're an idiot Troll I will kick you. Do not Ninja loot your fellow Telarans. If you can't use it, Greed it, don't be a jerk. If someone is fighting near a node/artifact/[mob-you-need] give it a minute and see if that's why that person is there. There's nothing worse than fighting for something & some moron comes underneath you and the pile of corpses at your feet and takes it. And, just be nice. I know we're Devil's Rejects but I'm an old-school EQ1 player who remembers what MMO manners were and expects it from those who carry her guild tag.

    So if our twisted little family sounds like a good home for you in Telara, we'd LOVE to have you come find one of us in game or post an app on our site http://riftsrejects.guildlaunch.com/ - If you made it all the way to the bottom of this, you prolly belong with us anyway!!


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    Way to not post in the guild thread

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