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Thread: <Mischief and Mayhem> is recruiting! PvE/RAID

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    Default <Mischief and Mayhem> is recruiting! PvE/RAID

    Mischief and Mayhem is a fun and friendly guild. We are looking for all types of players as long as they have a good sense of humor! We have members in all timezones and frequently run instances together.

    We are a PvE oriented guild and have plans for raiding, but casual players are welcome. The core members have been playing games together since Ultima Online and have experience raiding in EQ, EQ2, and WoW.

    We have a website and ventrilo. Currently their are no level or class restrictions and we have about 25-35 active members. If you are interested please apply at our site or contact someone in game.


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    Good luck to ya, hopefully you'll become something big and wonderful.

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