Dogs of War is looking for a few mature members to join our ranks.

We are a casual guild, meaning we all have families and responsibilities outside the game and do not expect our members to make personal sacrifices in order to play. Please don't take "casual" as to mean we don't care, because when we do group/raid, it's game on! A few of us are Leather Necks (Marines), so you know we won't tolerate failure. We have a Vent server and current members are in their mid-twenties and up (way up, gulp). We are currently a small guild, so if you're looking for that jumbo sized pizza, this is not for you.

If you're looking for a laid back guild that wants to conquer the content at a relaxed pace, please check us out at

For any questions, please contact Magnum, Ekpyrosis or Cassiopeia in game or on the website.
For a limited time we will even except current or prior Navy servicemen...

Semper Fi