Realm of the Fae is an "outdoor" style instance that has you proceed through the various seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter) in linear fashion. This dungeon is L15-17.

The mob packs are mostly elites of 3-4 per pack with the occasional non-elite pack thrown in periodically. Elite packs are a mix of melee and caster types while non-elite packs are all melee.

First Boss (Trickster Maelow): As with many of the instances in Rift, the first boss fight tends to be the trickiest. Here you will find Trickster Maelow (the boss) and his two helpers, Lifeward Celoah and Lifeward Brae. Celoah gives the boss a 30% damage buff while Brae gives the boss a 90% damange (taken) reduction. neither helper can be CC'd. The tank should grab agro on the boss and then the group burns down Celoah and then Brae and then the boss. The boss sleeps the tank periodically (can be dispelled).

Second Boss (Luggodhan): This boss is a solo large bull frog looking thing. He is a fairly standard tank and spank. The only thing to note is that he will throw a viscous blob at a party member which will produce a purple circle on the ground around that person. That person just needs to move out of it.

Third Boss (Battlemaster Atrophinius): This boss comes with two helpers and a short script that is run before the fight can commence. The helpers are normal elites and can be CC'd (CC'd helpers disappear when the boss is killed). We CC'd one helper, burned down the other and then the boss. The boss has a rage ability that will spike the damage on the tank and he randomly charges other members of the party throughout the fight. The party should fight on the bosses butt to avoid charges and the frontal cleave.

Fourth Boss (Fae Lord Twyll): This fight comes in waves. The first will be the Avatar of Autumn (tank and spank). He will randomly "daze" a party member. The second will be the Avatar of Summer is a fire elemental that splits up as he loses life into a pair of elites and then a pack of non-elites. Next is the Avatar of Spring which will summon adds (non-elites) as he drops in health. Kill adds as they pop and Avatar last. Immediately following the death of the Avatar of Spring is the boss (Twyll). He "freezes" a random person and during the fight a green circle on the ground will randomly track back and forth throughout the area. Keep away from the green circle while DPSing the boss down.

Note: Many of the packs of mobs can be avoided if so desired. If you are on the shrine quest, there is one nasty pull involving 6 elites (second shrine by the hut-houses). Use the hut-house on the immediate left (when entering the area) to LOS the pull.