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Thread: What lvl is good lvl to start tanking?

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    Default What lvl is good lvl to start tanking?

    Heya, got a lvl 11 Reaver/Paladin/Void Knight; what lvl can you start tanking in 5 mans? So far I've been relying more on crafted gear since it's better than anything from quests. Right now my Reaver feels pretty squishy, during Rift invasions I can usually grab aggro but then proceed to get killed once I get my diseases on 5 mobs. Will there be more talents before I'm lvl 20 that will actually make me feel like more of a tank?

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    Dungeons start level 16+. Tanks hold aggro well in this game. As a Reaver/ Pally/ VK you shouldn't have any problems. Grabbing that +30% aggro talent from the Pally tree will definately help you even if concentrating in Reaver.

    People don't always heal if Rifts and rarely target their healing properly in the frenzy of a Rift zerg, so 5 mobs, especially if they are group mobs, will hurt. Dungeons are a different matter as you will have at least one dedictaed healer to keep you alive.

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    Reaver is a very strong AoE tank, really good on the aggro. Shouldn't have much trouble there.

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