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Thread: Djinni Earth Rift - Annnnnnoying!

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    Default Djinni Earth Rift - Annnnnnoying!

    Feel free to say you find this rift fine and enjoy it.

    Just posting my personal experience after doing them twice.

    (Its just a random outdoor rift in Droughtlands)


    The basis of this is to kill a chest, it spawns something sometimes, you kill it, chests spawn, kill chest, something spawns, rinse repeat, for some of the waves i had to kill chests 3 times to get something to spawn, then i was required to kill 10 chest spawns to progress to the next wave of the rift...

    Its...extremely time consuming and not exactly all that enjoyable.

    I LOVE THE IDEA BEHIND IT, first time i did it i was like "OKAY THIS IS COOL"
    The second time i just sat there killing a chest..waiting for chests to respawn..kill another chest...wait for chests to respawn..oh look 3 little bugs spawned!..yay i'm 3/10 towards the next wave....=(

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    I completely agree. I knew these were bugged in beta, so the first one I came across I had to try. I was happy to see the bugs were fixed, but I was not happy to find out how dull this rift is. I think I was 35 at the time and it was a level 38 rift, so I had trouble hitting things (I was with a mage). But even if we'd been at the appropriate level, at the stage where you have to kill 10 mobs that spawn randomly from chests you destroy, it's mind-numblingly boring, repetitive, and time consuming.

    I'd like to see some more interesting mechanics added to the chest rift, or I'll probably just skip them when I see them.

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