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Thread: Suggestion: Colour-coded raid UI for Role/Class

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    Default Suggestion: Colour-coded raid UI for Role/Class

    As a healer for the big raids, it would be good if there were 2 tone coloured bars in the raid UI that let us identify Role/Class at a glance - help make those split second decisions when we can't save everyone.

    Eg. Top half of the bar could be coloured to distinguish tank, dps, support, heals (as determined by the primary soul) and show hp remaining; while bottom half would be coloured according to the calling Warrior/Mage/Rogue/Cleric. In the case of mana, showing the amount remaining as for hp would be an added bonus.

    This would be especially useful for solo healers PQing with large groups they've never met before.

    (Raid UI for same faction only, not nameplates or target of target so not making locking down healers in pvp trivial!)

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    Amen and plus one. The colors there now are so subtle that i can't tell who is who for healing priority.

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    Yes this please.

    I'd say of anything in the UI, the raid frames are most in need of a tuneup. Followed closely by the buff/debuff frames.

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    UI needs more options. I find my situational awareness sorely lacking due to extremely limited party member/raid functionality of the UI.

    In addition, Party/Raid members need to "stand out in the crowd" more during rifts and world PVP. In the heat of battle, I cannot tell who's who, and have to stare constantly at the minimap, instead of watching whats going on around me.

    I'd also like more options on the TARGET character portrait. When Im targeting a friendly target, theres 2 dozen buffs/debuffs below them, I cant see my hots, or buffs... ect.. ect... I only want to see my buffs, dispellable debuffs, and MY HOTs. Give us the options to do just that.

    There also needs to be an on/off option for PERSISTANT HEALTH BARS that are on all the time above the head of my party/raid members, so i can actually SEE whats going on in the gameworld, instead of having to stare at the party/raid window and minimap 99.9% of the time.

    If they're not going to improve the UI ASAP, then open the game for add ons. If you really want to lure and KEEP the legions from other mmos, MMOs that have almost limitless options and add ons for the UI, you better bring your "A" game Trion. Lackluster UI and sorely lacking raid/party HUD options WILL NOT cut it.
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