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Thread: Rift prime! Need more members!!!

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    Lightbulb Rift prime! Need more members!!!

    Hello everyone I love rift, I have been a member since 2012 playing the game I am very upset with the recent changes that have came to the game. I have numerous of characters in both prime and live, however I enjoy playing in prime more. In the past 2 months I have seen rift die before my eyes, at least prime that is. ATM in prime there is no more than 60 people who can raid online on a normal raid night. I would like to know before I put more time and effort into this game, will we be expecting new players to join prime? If so then why havenít there been any advertisement about the game? Why havenít there been any big changes? Storm legion was introduced back in September if I remember correctly, and itís been 4 months and we have not even unlocked The Dendrome. I try to do my best to promote the game and have friends play it but one can only do so much.
    Rift is all about PVP, raids, dungeons, building dimensions, collection artifacts, collecting rare mounts, having the best wardrobe, but without many players one canít enjoy any of these qualities, there wonít be any competition to play against, to play with.
    Please help save our special ship and rescue rift prime so we can have fun and enjoy the game once again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BowTox View Post
    will we be expecting new players to join prime?
    Quote Originally Posted by BowTox View Post
    Why havenít there been any big changes?
    Because rift development team (which was tiny for last couple of years) now reduced to single person.
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    ISP is dead on.

    The old team was too small to manage a progression server and the current game, and the skeleton crew that is there now definitely can't handle Prime and Live.

    I and most of the people I know are letting their patron time lapse until new content drops for Live. It's pointless to play Prime at all knowing that access will be removed soon.

    The massive glut of players was fun back when Prime first dropped, but the lack of testing and polish turned off most people out of the gate with the horrid xp curve and badly tuned encounters. First impressions matter and Prime failed hard in that regard. You're not winning those people back.
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