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Thread: help with vindicator mk..

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    Default help with vindicator mk..

    actually we are on progress with 2nd boss bos.. I tried OT him but i get hitted and killed many times by cannon blast (500>700k dmg). Is there any good healers setup for this boss? Im fully t1 raid geared with blazing elm 510k hp selfbuff

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    You should aim to be around 750k health fully buffed out. The more the better, but that seems to be the sweet point.

    The berserker trinket from vp rep helps a lot there. Frostkeeper barriers and Necro/warlord links can also help a good bit as well if your healers are having a rough time of it.

    My guild uses 2 ST healers (1 per tank) and 1 raid healer for the fight.
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