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Thread: Question(s) about commander

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wynford View Post
    We only use 1 warchanter and 1 raid healer, no chlorochon. Very doable and allows us to get very fast kills which means much less time on the last phase dying to unfortunate mine placements.
    What classes are your tanks?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poshy View Post
    What classes are your tanks?
    We use a prim on the machine and a mage tanking the commander.


    we use double prim on our second group but depending on the composition for the week, we usually have to use another healer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dundare View Post
    We ended up solving it by using a phys along with the puri as st heals, adding a necro for the link and heals, and keeping a fk chon. It made it a lot easier. Two weeks in a row now it has been pretty straightforward.
    This should work, but would prob reduce your total raid DPS, but imo whatever works to kill that 2nd boss, is great. He is trouble lol.

    We use a puri/warchanter for the tank heals, and one raid healer (tact bard) for the extra benes of dps and debuffs on the adds to help take them down quicker. When we struggle, we sometimes use a necro for the extra link, but that is only when there is lag/latency issues.

    I think a phys works great and the CD for LI lines up perfectly for voltaic!

    Whatever gets you through the night! I mean the fight! cool!
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