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Thread: BoS- Commander Isiel - Charges required to get our marks

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    Default BoS- Commander Isiel - Charges required to get our marks

    Why are we having to spend charges to get our marks on Commander Isiel? After spending weeks wiping to this boss due to lag, disconnects and wasting half our raid time waiting for Planar Exhaustion we get another slap in the face. Get it together Trion.

    Fix Planar Exhaustion already, there's nothing more frustrating than having to wait for a debuff that should be getting removed on death.
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    This is reported since release of BoS, sadly a month passed but like most other bugs no action taken, if you don't have IRC you can't get loot but if you do have and spend charges, you can basically open ticket about it and get charges you spend back via them till issue fixed (dunno when)
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    We found out yesterday that boss 1 and boss 2 have to be linked as the same boss. We switched people between boss1 and 2 and the poeple which not killed boss 1 not got asked for a charge. So mostly simple a db missflag they have to change. But dunno when they will do it.

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