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Thread: 4 minute raid cds- suggestion

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    Default 4 minute raid cds- suggestion

    With the 4 min cd of raid cds- often times we are having to wait 3-4 mins between pulls. This is really making prog difficult as it is often 50% of our time or more, waiting for raid cds to be ready. This could be easily fixed by making it reset like a rez, with a cota

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    I may understand you wrong, but if you need to wait nearly the full cooldown of a raid cd - it is not even needed to be used on the next pull. Of course, unless ppl screwed up so badly in first 40 secs that you want to start over then it becomes annoying. However, assuming that this is not very often the case it is a minor inconvenience.

    once ppl stay alive during the entire fight cool downs will help to get the boss down. raid cd's do not prolong the life of your fellow players, which seems to be the cause of you short tries.

    Regardless of the above:

    I fully support the change of having the cd reset with cota, because needing to wait even 30 secs is not a pleasant thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RePyH View Post
    However, assuming that this is not very often the case it is a minor inconvenience.

    I assume you never been in BoS

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    I agree, the raid cooldowns should get reset on cota or something similar, and the debuff from lava should also be removed on death like the one from flaring.

    As for the idea that "once you know the fight better and don't die right away, this is a minor inconvenience" sure that's true to some extent...but there's also the "die ~6 minutes into the fight" situation which still requires 3-4 minutes of waiting between every pull since you just had a 2nd set of raid cooldowns.

    In the end this isn't a huge thing, but it would definitely help raid nights be smoother, especially during progression.
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