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Thread: TD - NM / EM - Boss HP Values

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    Default TD - NM / EM - Boss HP Values

    Hey all,

    <Insert something about lack of time slash laziness />

    Long story short, can I get some feedback about boss HP values for both normal and easy mode TD? TD logs should have been importable on PT way before now and I need to get that up for you all..

    Looking for either screenshots of bosses before they're engaged, or even just HP values written down before they're attacked. Damage taken values aren't accurate enough here.


    Edit: I currently have
    NM TarJulia at 805.1M
    NM Council members at 317.M and the souls at 84.2M
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    Beligosh NM: 1134.0M HP
    Alavaxian Golems NM: 48.6M HP each

    Infernal Soul NM: 32.4M HP

    Council of Fate
    Council Members NM: 317.5M HP each

    Phoenix of Rage NM: 55.7M HP
    Dragon of Suffering NM: 55.7M HP

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