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Thread: If you wanna carry out your role in raid well.

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    Default If you wanna carry out your role in raid well.

    there are few conditions for being good tank, heal and dps.

    I've seen so many bad performing pve players so I'm writing these tips for them.

    And if you're a not experienced lead, you would feel hard to figure out the problem when your group is not going well.

    I wish these statements below would help you some.

    common things :

    Knowing the fights - very important.
    Trying to get your spec(gears and fragments) improved.

    Tank :

    Tank is a role really easy to handle if you got enough gears. People usually have difficulty on getting gears for tank, but if it's done, tanking is not really difficult.

    But tanking "well" is another matter.

    Do you play only tank? I know some of you feel drawn to tanking and only tank.

    If so, I'm really sorry to say it but you're a highly terrible tank.

    Just tanking is very easy as I wrote above. Just stand in front of the boss and get hit. Sometimes use your cds. Sometimes use your taunt for swapping aggros.

    But good tanking requires comprehensive understanding of fights and even another roles.

    CD timing -

    Bad tanks only use their CD when only their hp goes low.

    Good tanks use their CD when they expect Huge dmg will come to him or even to "raid". For this, you must understand the fights and healer's stance - they feel hard if you and raid both are getting huge dmg at once.

    Moving -

    Bad tanks don't know where to place the boss or mobs. or even if he knows safe place, he moves like a sports car. It doesn't matter if the tank is the only melee. but if melee dps in his group, he will swear the tank during whole fights.

    Good tanks can consider "what is the efficient moving way for maximizing dps and minimizing dps or heal loss". I can't express specific things but the most different thing between good and bat tanks is the moving.

    Heal :

    To be good healer, three things are required.

    1. knowing and understanding the heal spec -
    Whether it is for ST or AE healing,
    What buffs and CDs the spec has.
    What the rotation need to.

    2. Good reaction speed -
    Honestly it is really different by individual. If you play PVP heal in WF, I guess it would help you a little. Playing some rhythm games or kind of things also seem to help you lol.

    3. Knowing the fights -
    When to pop healing cds.
    Whom to heal.

    Obviously bad healers are just bad and they can't save people while good healers are saving the group stably. But if you're a not experienced lead, you would have difficulty to figure out what is the problem.

    So for heal section, I'll just state how to figure out whether your healer is/are "bad" or not.

    1. Don't doubt them from the first
    Every time someone dies, doubt him first, not healers. It would hurt their feeling lol and if only specific person keeps dying, his ignorant of mechanic is the problem. Not healer's.

    2. If mechanics are kept well, check your healing composition.
    If you're using a solo heal and he repeats failure, it would be the fight which requires more heal. (if he is not bad)
    If you're using two heals and they repeats failure, maybe the composition is wrong. In this expansion, for the most of the fights, the ideal composition of heal is two aoe heals but one of them should have some spot heals. So, if you use two healers with only AOE, it would be dangerous for some moments.

    For your information, brief sorts.
    Mage : Chlroro61 is the only spec which can be used in 4.xx raids. That spec can do everything - AE or ST healing.
    Rogue : Bard/phys - ST healing. Bard/tact - AE healing. 61Phys - useful in only 1st boss of IROTP. Phystact - garbage. *Still bard hybrid is the best selection for rogue healing.
    Warrior : 61 Libertaor - AE. 58Liberator/18WC : ST heal based on AE. rest - for PVP only.
    Cleric : Warden/oracle : AE healing. Warden/senti : ST heal based on AE but not used much. Rest - garbage or for pvp.
    Primal - Don't use them as support or heal.

    3. Now time to begin doubting your heals.
    For figuring out,
    First, check who is dying and why he is dying. If dying person is doing well of mechanic, check the death note. If he dies in sustain dmg without healing, it's of course healer's fault. If he is a tank, blame st healer. if he is not a tank, usually it's ae heal's fault.
    Second, the lead must know what is the proper healing parse of each heal specs to figure out they're doing properly or not.
    Third, don't blame healers by HPS. It's just nothing. Check it only when you feel group hp is unstable.
    Fourth. Check their CD timings.

    DPS :
    Just be greedy on dps meter number.
    Don't satisfy with your number and always try improve your stats and catch the FOTM - playing not fotm is same as meaning "I just want you to carry me."
    *Add : Of course there are always some op classes and not op classes. I know this gap is huge and ridiculous. But even if you're not playing that op classes, you must try to pull your best which is possible in your class boundary. If you don't try it, you don't want to perform well. No doubt. No excuses.

    Always consider How to reduce your dps loss and How to rotate your cycle better.
    Learn at least three best dps specs for your class - ST for melee and range, and AOE. If someone is using wrong spec or cycle, he is a just terrible dps. Don't need to mention about them.
    Practice until you can rotate your best cycle without seeing your skill bar.

    It's all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MusclPig View Post
    Mage : Chlroro with 12FK is the only spec which can be used in 4.xx raids. That spec can do everything - AE or ST healing.
    huh? wot? no.

    11harb 4fk out performs 12fk in pve.
    Those that can, do. Those that can't, write guides on the forums.
    Quote Originally Posted by TrionBrasse View Post
    In all seriousness, we don't expect everyone to still be playing SFP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deeew View Post
    huh? wot? no.

    11harb 4fk out performs 12fk in pve.

    it's ok. anyway chlroro based hybrid. not fk.

    And as I wrote above, hps is nothing. For soaring hps, proper rotating tact/bard can steal every healer's hps and it still doesn't mean the best(beside tact/bard is one of the best heal atm). For heal, Making a group stable is everything.

    Maybe I thought having a good 0 gcd big st heal seems better than empowering overall heals
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