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Thread: MoM The Prosecution Ripostes Achievement

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    Default MoM The Prosecution Ripostes Achievement

    Hello! I want to gain achieve The Prosecution Ripostes but it don't work there http://forums.riftgame.com/game-disc...ml#post5245224 wrote about it. So, I submitted a request in support center and they answered me that
    Unfortunately, we're unable to assist with your request. There is no evidence that you have recently killed the required objective.
    We understand you have questions in regards to the game; however Customer Support is unable to give hints regarding locations or walkthroughs on in-game content. We highly advise reviewing the forums, asking your fellow players, or continuing to explore the game to find out more.
    So, maybe someone can tell me what I need to do for gain this achieve??

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    We tryed this achievement many weeks. We got the achievement Slayer of the Seven but we have never seen The Sword of Justice effect. I think its buggy but GMs dont answer me about this problem. Hope a DEV can help us now.

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