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Thread: Highest tenebrean engine drop rate per IRC spent?

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    Default Highest tenebrean engine drop rate per IRC spent?

    Do all bosses in TD have the same drop rate for Engines, i.e. If you purpose is to amass the most Engines possible would the best strategy be to just use charges on the first boss if you dont have that many to spend?

    Has there neej any indication that golems have a high Engine to irc ratio?
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    Farming first two bosses in TD for Engines.

    Farming Golems for Marks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boase View Post
    Farming first two bosses in TD for Engines.
    Have you seen some numbers to confirm this?
    All we've really heard is that the droprate for engines is higher in iRoTP. I guess it's less than 2.5 times higher?
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    Unless a dev would confirm actual stats it would be hard to tell. I feel like I see more engines drop from golems but that may be because ive done them more frequently recently. I seem to get the most engines from malannon personally with my free runs but I have gotten 2 out of 3 golem kills before as well.

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