After weeks of trying this one, i think we have finally figured out the bug on the calamari achieve in HK it was not awarding the achieve even though you killed 25 lashers and stingers. However we did a much longer kill allowing aky to submerge and killed 38 total of the lashers and stingers. This awarded the achieve. I believe what is happening is the stingers and lashers on the first platform are not being counted toward the achievement. When you do it, the 25 you need to kill is on the last platform, when you are on the platform where aky is coming up on the second platform. I don't know if this a bug but it seems it is not counting the first 12 from the first platform, but this is how we got the achievement. Hope this helps people trying to get their nerd points . From the way the achieve reads this does seem like a bug though.