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    Default IROTP will it ever come out?

    I'm a member in the guild dawn of terror @ faeblight .

    I don't understand why IROTP takes so long to come out.

    so many players included us went to pts over and over and over to test it for the devs ,

    we kept sending feedback's act .

    why its takes so long to put it out on live server.

    ROTP is already exist in game low level 10 man raid , if I'm not mistaken all you had to do is to copy past it and higher the HP and higher the damage its doing , if I'm wrong feel free to correct me.

    we are 6 months into this xpac we have no 1 raid to progress yet and please don't tell me but QF , its not a raid its not even worth doing , don't tell me but TD just don't even go there all it is 10 man expert hell in fact in expert we had more challenge .

    4.2 should be out soon but in the way its go now you probably going to push it back since we have not started yet to gear up from IROTP.

    if have anything we can do to help to get it done and put it in live server just let us know and we will be there for you but remember we already tested it for you , we already send feedback's for you , and its not like you creating a new raid its just an old raid .

    At this point we want you to talk with us and give us a concrete date .

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    Your help in testing iROTP is very much appreciated. A lot of small technical issues are not visible to the average player, but the team is invested in trying to release as strong a version as possible to Live.

    You will be happy to hear that iROTP is going live with tomorrow's patch!
    I just confirmed it with the dev team. =)

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