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Thread: Highest Malannoa Parse?

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    Speed track wicket is less than 2k credits, which i hardly 'lots of cash' and easily farmable via plat in game. Fragments are the only massive plat sink at this point but aren't the difference between 300k and 800k, nor are they the reason people are on the last step of their eternal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bamul View Post
    With all the balance problems, RNG and P2W mechanics, it is nowadays difficult to compare players. You can not even compare the equipment to each other because there is no possibility to see the fragments of other players. Trion works hard to destroy the competitive gameplay at all fronts.
    It is hard to pinpoint the exact moment when Rift had managed to completely lose competitive gameplay, but that is something that definitely happened before 4.0

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    The fight itself is flawed as the mechanics change depending on the total raid dps output.
    Group that pushes the fight to just over a minute probably won't see adds phase ever while the weakest raid I've been in took well over 5 minute to kill him which resulted in 3 adds phases and 3 circle phases.

    In general the faster the boss die the higher overall dps raiders could do as long as the fight doesn't exceed 5 minute.
    Then there's bursty specs vs sustained.
    eg If a boss dies in 30 second then tempest is unbeatable then if boss dies at 45s then tempest will look terrible, and we don't have any boss that lasts longer than 2 minutes anymore at least to a non-******ed group.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilgad View Post

    Anyone done better?
    Please post how much you've spent to date so we can start comparing the more valid DPDPS (dollars per damage per second) metric.

    Or wait until everyone has reached the power "plateau" for this tier, which should be coming up any year now.

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    People skip add phase , some skip rune phase. Which will affect the parse by a lot. So why bother??

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    1 add phase, no runes.

    Highest Malannoa Parse?-malannon2.jpg

    Like Cil said, overall raid dps and when you push phases is what really matters.
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