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Thread: Rhaza'de - Five Man Army Achievement

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    Default Rhaza'de - Five Man Army Achievement

    Has anyone successfully completed this, and how? The achievement says to "Kill fifty Krilladu Minor in any one encounter of the King Krilladu fight"

    We have tried several different ways to complete the Five Man Army achievement over multiple attempts. From killing at least (and many more than 50) to a specific attempt, where we killed exactly 50 Krilladu Minor adds, and did not get credit for the achievment in Rhaza'de Canyon dungeon.

    I have put in a ticket, and submitted a bug report, and asked them to clarify how to complete it. I submitted a screenshot which included our party chat of counting out each individual krilladu minor as it died. My requests have been denied by CS.
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    When I did it, we just kept a meter open until there were 60 names to be safe then burned the boss. I don't remember if we were granted the achievement or whether we had to submit a ticket.
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    I got the achievement 2 or 3 weeks ago running it solo.

    Don't use the king's buff has a counter for how many you killed. He loses 2 stacks per minor you kill.
    I made that mistake the first time I tried it.

    How I did it: I played Chloro harb with healing crystal and spammed Lucent Slash counting how many I killed and counted up to 70 to make sure I had enough. Let the boss finish his cast so he heals himself in order to avoid accidently killing him.

    If you go with multiple people, just have someone keep the king away while the rest of the group AoE down the minors.
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