I don't recall Storm Legion having so much drama. Trion did a bang up job on that and the world and content far eclipsed what we have today. Hopefully this addendum to SFP is going to more than make up for the initial release. It seems that SFP was kinda rushed into action well before it was close to ready. Sadly, this has lead to a decline in active players and those missing players are invested elsewhere. Perhaps Scott Hartsman will have a look at revenue history and gain understanding of how the rush to market without a finish product has caused much turmoil. Perhaps, Mr. Hartsman can get the team back on track to resolve the issues at hand and make this franchise profitable again. Remember, dormant players spend no coin with Trion, they are coughing it up to another title and company. Over promise and under deliver is a tough place to come back from although, it can be done at greater effort than just delivering in the first place.
I'll continue to work with my guild members to level their toons and get their crafting up, etc. that's what a guild leader does during lulls in content. Patience and the 29th will be here soon enough. Will the team deliver? I certainly am hopeful. Ever since SL, I have had great expectations of Trion et al. SL set the bar and set it very high. SL is the benchmark that longtime players will use to quantify a new expansion's worthiness. SL came out when there were more than double the number of shards up and running and the rollout was actually not too shabby, considering the quantity of content makes SFP look like a postage stamp in comparison.

Now is the time to resolve the shortfalls within this franchise. Now is the time to bring value that a player can plainly see and experience. Now is the time for this franchise to be promoted and brought back from a very difficult time in its existence.

There have been references to the PTS and participation within it. Trion has every player's email addy, do they take the time to put out a blanket information email alerting players to upcoming PTS opportunities? If not, perhaps it would help.

Think positive, peeps! Let's give em an opportunity to get on track...