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Thread: Rogue SPE Weapons.

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    Default Rogue SPE Weapons.

    Hey people,

    was wondering if anyone has gotten any rogue weapons from SPE recently, i have a full set of gear with upgraded chest, shoulders and legs and run i would say 50+ SPE and so far i have not had any weapon drops, i understand it is supposed to be pure RNG on blues, but i am wondering if there is a issue with rogue weapons not dropping or if anyone can confirm where they have managed to get them to drop.

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    I have gotten two Fate Cleavers over a span of perhaps two weeks and a dozen dungeons. Pretty sure one came from Coven, the last definitely came from Temple.

    For what it's worth, I am still missing a ring and shoulders, while most of my other drops have been duplicated at least once. RNG is RNG, but I can confirm for you the items are out there.

    PS I don't know if Fate Cleaver is the only rogue weapon but it's the only one I've seen and thankfully is not Unique Equip.

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    Yes, two Fate Cleavers and the bow

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