Can you please disable the moving AoE until the constant DC's get fixed? Just spent about an hour on this fight due to people constantly getting dis-connected while the healer and I stayed alive until they re-connected. However, keeping up 3 DC's, and the tank and avoiding Aoe's is a lot to heal and manage.

But how would this help you ask? It will help because when they are in the bubble AoE on top of the slow spinning flame AoE, the DPS get melted. The healer will be able to stay more stationary. By stopping the spinning AoE from spinning, the healer will be able to better keep the tank alive while healing up the DPS. Also, it lowers that chance at being in both AoE's at the same time.

I can handle taking 30 minutes with tank doing the damage and the healer healing the tank. But when there are 10 goblins the hit you hard, and the healer keeping every topped off for when they come back for about 30 seconds, it's just annoying.

Thank you for reading this if you do!